As you may know, the project team partners include architecture firm Edge Design Associates of Ann Arbor, Mich. and Colasanti Construction Services Inc. of Macomb, Mich. And we are making some great construction progress! 


Here’s the latest information from Colasanti:


What is the construction team currently working on?

We are currently working on excavating the below-ground parking garage and installing underground utilities. Once complete, the concrete crews will start installing the foundation and walls. When this scope of work is done, you will see the concrete crews setting forms and steel for the ground floor to be installed.


What hours do the crew work onsite?

We are presently working Monday through Friday 7am to 6pm, and Saturday 7am to 6pm.


What are the upcoming construction milestones?

Soon we’ll complete the final excavation of the Lower Level, installing of structural steel for the foundation, along with steel for the walls and columns. Next will be the placing of concrete for the Foundation Mat.


What’s unique about this project/your process?

This is an entire concrete structure, requiring floors, columns, shear walls and roof to be concrete. Add this with being built on a small Urban lot located in a downtown setting has required us to think outside the box, with minimum street closures and on time deliveries due to lack of storage space has it’s challenges.


How long will the fencing be up?

We anticipate the site barricades (fence) to remain in place for the public safety along with the work crews safety until the completion of the project scheduled in the fall of 2022.