When you’re a college student, studying is inevitable, but the good thing is our new Baker campus offers a variety of spaces and is around the block from downtown Royal Oak. Whether you’re on campus or strolling through the streets of the city, you aren’t far from collaborate workspaces.



Outdoor Terrace

A big project underway is our fourth-floor outdoor terrace. This space will provide students with an uninterrupted view of the energetic downtown area with opportunity to catch up with friends or prepare for an exam, all while enjoying the ambiance of Royal Oak.



The Office Coffee Shop

This coffee shop, located just one minute north from our Royal Oak campus, is the prime spot to study for an exam or meet up with friends. It’s a membership driven co-working community that offers private offices and tables for rent while providing baked goods, food and locally sourced cups of joe. Available everyday of the week with its earliest opening at 7 a.m., you can grab a quick dose of caffeine and squeeze in some study time before starting your day.   


Royal Oak Public Library

If you need a quiet place to concentrate and get some work done, head to the Royal Oak Public Library on E Eleven Mile Rd (a quick three-minute drive from campus). You can search through the inventory of books, knock out an essay or have a group study session with classmates. The environment combined with the provided resources is sure to inspire and motivate.


Goldfish Tea Café

Located at W 4th Street, this teahouse offers more than 40 varieties of high quality loose-leaf tea as well as smoothies, lattes and bubble tea. Some evenings there is even live music and open mic nights. Whether you’re looking for some entertainment or need to meet up with colleagues to discuss an assignment, Goldfish Tea is the place to be. 


Not only will our new campus offer numerous environments for studying and socializing, downtown does, too! As a student at Baker’s Royal Oak location, you will have access to a city full of inspiration.